Supper Club 2 – 22nd October 2016


My second supper club is coming soon but this time in support of The Great Big Supper Club campaign, raising funds to help feed children in Sub-Sahara. are a children’s charity with a holistic approach trying to address whatever problems are standing in the way of their right to an education and a happy, healthy life.

The Great Big Supper Club campaign aims to raise money to feed sub-saharan children by encouraging cooks of all levels to organise a fundraising supper club.

I have decided to take part as I think cooking for a cause like this is worth trying. I am happy to give all my profits of the night to the charity whilst entertaining my guests with a autumnal menu as detailed further down in the page.


For more info and to buy tickets (again, all profit goes to the campaign, I am only covering my costs on this occasion) click here.

Welcome Apéritif & canapés


Velouté de Potimarron, marrons and romarin

Pumpkin, chestnuts and rosemary creamy soup


Petit Salé aux lentilles

Salted pork loin/shoulder and lentil stew


Petite salade de bleu, noix et poire 

Blue cheese, walnut and pear small salad


Tarte Tatin et sa glace vanille maison

Tarte Tatin and homemade vanilla ice cream


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