I eat (and often cook) foods and write about it as a true enjoyer, in a direct and forthright style.

These aren’t professional reviews as I am no Michelin food critique, but simply a recollection of thoughts and notes taken whilst having meals in various locations across Manchester, the UK and beyond.

I am curious of all types, styles and levels of places, however my somewhat ‘snobbish’ provenance gave me rather high expectations. Which I of course always set accordingly to the different spots I find myself at.

I will always endeavour, in all my posts, to be fair and as accurate as possible when it comes to report my experiences. I use a notation system which goes from 1 to 5 (1 being the least interesting to 5 the most outstanding) and which is an average covering the following areas: the food itself, the service, atmosphere and finally, value.


In my offline life, I still deal with the online, working as a Creative Producer for a Manchester-based design studio. In my prior lives, I have worked in the music industry, cosmetics and fashion ones too. I once studied Humanities & Social Sciences La Sorbonne University but stopped just before PhD. Before that, I did a Graphic/Textile design degree, but that was a long time ago. I was also a ballet dancer at some point and taught myself to play the piano because I hated my violin lessons.

As I am now feeling fully settled here in Manchester, I also have the aim to get involved with local charities and would definitely be interested in volunteering in any way I can.

I am more than happy to be contacted here about anything.

Thank you.