Supper Club 2 – 22nd October 2016


My second supper club is coming soon but this time in support of The Great Big Supper Club campaign, raising funds to help feed children in Sub-Sahara. are a children’s charity with a holistic approach trying to address whatever problems are standing in the way of their right to an education and a happy, healthy life.

The Great Big Supper Club campaign aims to raise money to feed sub-saharan children by encouraging cooks of all levels to organise a fundraising supper club.

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Planning my first supper club

In a bit less than a week, I am taking the plunge and organising my first official supper club. To many it sounds like it’s as easy as it comes, but for me it’s a real challenge I’ve been considering for a long time.

I’ve been put to it about a year ago by a chef friend of mine who was convinced I could actually be up to the task – which I immediately doubted massively. He once told me he’d bring 6 strangers into my home and that I’d need to serve them a 3 course meal of my choice, based on what I felt comfortable cooking. And I panicked.

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Why I started this

When I moved over to Manchester, a little bit over than two years ago now, I had no real expectations when it came to food. I’d even say that it wasn’t a motivation factor that made me choose Manchester over London.  I knew nothing about what the city had to offer in that respect and I probably had in mind some of the old clichés French have about English food. I of course knew about the celebs of this country, the Jamie Olivers or Gordon Ramsays of this world, and the more local Michael Caine – even though to me, that name is more associated with a specific British actor hilariously impersonated by two well-known comedians in every episode of a certain BBC programme about food, precisely.

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